About Us


Marla hass been working in architecture in Jerusalem since 1985. She opened her own office in 2005, specializing in interior design, renovations, and additions in private homes. Many of her projects have been in luxury properties, mainly in Jerusalem.

In 2013, Marla returned to Architectural studies in the field of Historic Preservation at the Technion University in Israel. She completed a Master’s Degree in 2016, and is presently involved in promoting the values of preserving historic buildings and neighbourhoods in Jerusalem. Together with her new qualifications as a preservation architect, Marla brings expertise and experience to unique historic building projects.

Marla’s office also specializes in interior architecture, and provides comprehensive services for planning renovations and new residential projects. Many of the homes we have designed express the features and materials unique to Jerusalem. However, all of the projects are different, and each home reflects the style of the individual owner. We focus on enabling you to realize your dream home with your own taste, while using our expertise in design and planning.

Marla is available to advise you on the potential of a property before you purchase. When building your home in Jerusalem, we can plan and supervise your entire construction project, even if you don’t live in Israel. Our office will put together an entire construction team for you, including engineers and contractors with proven proficiency. We are able to facilitate the construction process from the start to the completion of your home.